Sceneframing is the name we came up with for this certain kind of photography me and my best friend Satu do for our travel blog Fangirl Quest. The idea is simple, yet requires a lot of research work and then, of course, the actual trip to the spot where we can take the photo. 
First, we find out where a particular film or TV show was filmed. Then we take a screenshot from that film and travel to where they originally filmed it and align it with the original background. The basic idea is to show people a little more about that place; we explore the area and then write travel stories for our fellow travel enthusiasts & TV geeks. 
These photos have been super popular online: they've been featured in dozens of magazines, online news sites and blogs, TV and radio shows and many, many other publications. 
But for us, they're still something that comes directly from our fangirl hearts. Nothing makes us happier than standing on the same spot where our idols and the coolest film makers once stood. 
Besides, they're pretty good at finding the most impressive and photogenic locations, so traveling in their footsteps is quite a great way of seeing the world.
Below, you'll see only a few examples of the photos we've taken along the years. By following us on Instagram or visiting our website you can discover dozens, if not hundreds more!

Brokeback Mountain / Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Doctor Who / Cardiff, Wales

Doctor Who / Dunraven Bay, Wales

Sherlock / Trinity Church Square, London, UK

The 100 / Minaty Bay, British Columbia, Canada

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